Crafts & Gifts

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Ceramic Painting

Ceramic Painting is the main part of our business.  Why not come and try your hand at this lovely craft?


We stock a huge and wonderful range of bought in ceramics, we have plates, cups, mugs, teapots, vases, animals, and money boxes to name just a few, catering for all ages and tastes.   There is a studio fee of £4 per person per day, which covers the paint, glaze and kiln charges, plus there is a separate charge for each item painted. Our prices range from £4.00 to around £45 per item depending upon your choice.


Don't be shy, our friendly staff are trained to give you any advice or assistance and can show you some excellent design tips.


Your painted ceramic item will be kept in house and is glazed and fired in the kiln, which takes approximately 5 days.  Then it will come out shiny and new.  Once fired your item will be Microwave and dishwasher safe.

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