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Encapture prints forever with our great range of keepsake ideas.


Ceramic Painting - Perfect for your babies hands, feet and pets paws as these can be easily painted onto one of our ceramic plates or plaques. We also take painting commissions!


Canvas -  Why not paint your pet paws or babies feet/hands onto a canvas in-house?


Please pre-book for the follwing services and allow around 3 weeks for completion:-


Clay - A hand or foot is pressed into clay and can be painted as to your request and then fired in the kiln.  We usually take two prints and should you wish to keep both of these you can purchase the second one half price.  Writing is also available at an extra cost.


Plaster - The feet/hands are pressed into the clay as in Clay above, and then Plaster is poured over, after setting the clay is removed and the top part of the hand or foot shows as a 2D effect.  We make two prints and you can keep both, the 2nd at half price. Writing is also available at an extra cost.


3D Castings - Hands or feet are placed into a mould and when set they are removed and then plaster is poured into the mould, giving us a 3D model.  This can be painted and writing is also available at an extra cost.


Silver Keepsakes - Hand, feet or paw prints can be set into Silver Keepsakes such as cufflinks, pendants, charms, keyrings and much more.  (prices start at £66)

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