Crafts & Gifts

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Decopatch is a brand of paper from France used for découpage.   Put simply, découpage involves cutting out pictures, gluing them to an object and then coating the pictures and the object with layers of varnish.


We have a stunning range of  vibrant Decopatch Papers and a huge range of Paper Mache animals and home accessories to decorate, such as photo frames, jewellery boxes and much more...




Make A Bear

Foam Clay

Paint a Canvas

Craft Projects

Foam, Pearl and Silk Clay are non toxic and air drying modelling materials.  This fun and colourful clay is clean, and can be moulded around or rolled out to cover most mediums like wood, foam or material and dries hard within a 2 hour period.  You can wrap this around wood, the paper mache decopatch items, foam shapes and even material monster keyrings to name but a few......

Stuff Your Own Bear, No machines, no sewing!  Make a wish on a Heart/Star and insert it into the bear and then fill in the Birth Certificate.

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Paint a Canvas

This cannot be offered during busy periods without pre booking as on certain projects step-by-step instruction is given and it takes up a lot of space.

We will have a project set up whereby you can buy the items required and get instruction as to how to make it.  This is seasonal.